Angry Birds Guide

Angry Birds Guide

Angry Birds Guide-Information for improving your performance in the Angry Birds game. Angry birds is an application game that is played on smartphones and now on the PC. It is one of the most popular games and has been downloaded over 50 million times.

In the Angry Birds game, the player throws reddish colored birds at wicked, greenish pigs to take back the birds’ lost gold eggs using a slingshot. The slingshot is controlled by pulling your finger back across the screen. The further you pull it back the futher the bird will fly. Height is controlled by raising or lowering your finger. Lift your finger and the slingshot releases

Your goal is to wipe out the pigs by hitting them with the birds thus advancing to the next level. Pigs are sometimes protected by structures made of wood, stone or glass or other materials. The birds can be used to destroy the protective structures and then to destroy the pigs. Each player is assigned a preprogrammed number of birds to use. If you are able to destroy the protective structures and the pigs with your allotted number of birds, you move to the next level. What is cool is that the birds leave a dust trail so you can see what kind of effect a particular trajectory has and use that information for future launches.

Some structures are harder to demolish than others. Rock will take more birds to destroy than wood so a player has to be careful as to how they allocate their birds. Also, different colored birds have different powers and characteristics.

Angey Birds Guide- Birds

The red bird is the basic bird and has no special powers.

Yellow bird is a speed merchant. The yellow bird is a wood smasher.

The white bird can drop an explosive egg and works well on stone.

The best bird for breaking glass is the blue bird and when you tap the screen it will morph into 3 mini birds.

The black bird expoldes when you touch the screen. Use it to hit an obstacle and after a short time, it will explde. This bird works well on stone structures.

The green bird is a boomerang. Tap your screen and it will fly back similar to a boomerang.

The big brother bird is like the red bird. No powers but it is bigger in size and has a little more strength than the red bird.

The mighty eagle. This is a paid feature. Press the button at the top of the screen and a sardine can shows up. When you launch the sardines, the eagle will appear. Once you use the eagle to solve a level, an hour wait is required before you can use it again and you do not receive any stars when you use the mighty eagle.

As you advance through different levels, the pigs become better protected and start wearing armor. If you kill all the pigs, you will move to the next level but your goal is to get 3 stars on each level. Killing all the pigs and doing a lot of destruction and having some birds leftover will usually net you a high score and the the three stars. Each leftover bird will add 10,000 points to your score.

Newer versions of the game continue to be released and different versions of the game have been released for Halloween and Christmas. When starting out, play a few games just to get a hang of how the birds fly and how things get destroyed. As your skills get better, then physics comes into play as you figure out angles and methods of attack that can cause the most damage.

Check back to the Angry Birds Guide often as we provide more tips and tricks to get to different levels without having to spend money on the mighty eagle.

Hints for Angry Birds

Hints for Angry Birds

Hints for Angry Birds-Angry birds continues to grow and new editions are constantly being released. Also a family oriented game board version of angry birds has been released. The board game is not as fun but it is entertaining to young kids. Some hints for angry birds to help improve your angry birds score are listed below:

It is important to use as few birds as possible on each level. Unused birds ad 10,000 additional points to your score for each unused bird on each level.

It is hard to duplicate shots because trajectories, tensions and timing have to be the same. Try to catalogue successful shots made with each bird so you will have a refernce for the future. Even though the shot will not be identical, the results may turn out even better.

After you play a few times, you will have an idea as to what is needed to advance to the next level. If you get off to a bad start, it is probably better to bag it and start over.

Watch the trajectory of your birds as they attack and measure the amount of damage they do from that particular trajectory. Use the information to plan future shots or make the same shot again. Birds gain stength based on their speed and trajectory and small changes can make large changes in the amount of damage done and your overall score.

Don’t shoot again until the previous bird has completely disappeared and your score has been tabulated. By shooting too soon, large amounts of points can be lost and the chance of clearing the level significantly decrease.

Watch angles and bounces. The birds bounce around after hitting something and can do large amounts of damage after their initial contact. Coming in the back of a structure can sometimes do much more damage and destruction of pigs than hitting the structure head on.

If you need help on a particular situation, go to YouTube or other help sites and watch a video reconstruction of certain shots or get questions answered. As with any video game, there are addicts who know almost every trick in the game.

As a player advances through levels, different birds with different powers become available after the bird is launched. Be sure what each bird can do to maximize your score and use the bird to its fullest potential.

Use the zoom to get a closer look at your shot and see if you can discover any special techniques that produce more damage and destruction.

Check back often to hints for angry birds as we will continue updating strategies and techniques.